COURSE NAME: Bible Overview (BO)

LECTURER: Mr B Mhlanga


This course orients the student to the IBT Bible overview (kingdom paradigm- God’s people, in God’s place, under his rule and blessing). Tracing major themes through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and understanding how the whole Bible fits together. This enables Bible   handlers to relate the original context of the Biblical divisions, narratives, and events and see how they fit together in the grand plan of the purposes of God.


IBT envisions the Zimbabwean Church restored, healed and transformed through sound Bible teaching, hence our mission is to equip and inspire you for transformative Bible life. It is critical that the Students be enabled to be able to see how the whole Bible fits together and be able to pick the main story of the Bible for growth towards faithfulness and integrity in their personal devotions, church ministry as well as in all life engagement.


At the end of the course students should be:

1. Able to demonstrate the knowledge and a growing skill in handling the Bible faithfully as they are able to fit the different events, parts together.

2. Be convinced that the Bible has one overarching theme.

3. Be prepared for a balanced approach to all of Scripture.

4 Be enabled to understand how some passages fits into the whole Bible picture.

5 Be encouraged to deepen their relationship with God and be part of His-story as they see his WONDERFUL grand purposes.


Term 1

Creation-to the nation of Israel

Term 2

Nation of Israel-Beyond Exile

Term 3

Interstamental period- to new creation




·         By the end of the second term, students must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and a growing skill in fit the different events, parts together at least from Creation to beyond the exile, thus the whole Old testament

·         Deepen their walk with God as they appreciate his grand purposes in scripture.






Lesson  1- The Nation of Israel and the Kingdom of God



Lesson 2- The King of the kingdom



Lesson 3- Exile and the prophets




Lesson 4- Exilic Timeline- Daniel




Lesson  5- Exilic Timeline



 Lesson  6 –Post Exilic History and theology





Lesson  7-Post Exilic History and theology



Lesson  8– Exercise




Lesson 9 –exercise






Each student is expected to attend lectures, to participate in class and to do the given



Some helpful sources for further readings.                                                           


Steve, L & Blackham, B. Bible overview. Christian focus: Ross-Shire.


Pray preach prepare preaching God’ Big Story. Good Book company: New Malden.


Vaughan, R God’s Big picture. Intervarsity; Nottingham